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The Power – 2017 Winner

Naomi Alderman

Winner of Women’s Prize Fiction 2017

‘She throws her head back and pushes her chest forward and lets go of a huge blast right into the centre of his body. The rivulets and streams of red scarring run across his chest and up around his throat. She’d put her hand on his heart and stopped him dead.’


Suddenly – tomorrow or the day after – girls find that with a flick of their fingers they can inflict agonizing pain and even death. With this single twist, the four lives at the heart of Naomi Alderman’s extraordinary, visceral novel are utterly transformed, and we look at the world in an entirely new light.

What if the power were in women’s hands?


"I didn’t really know where it would go when I started. I just had this idea about women developing a strange new power – one that I eventually based on electric eels. I just thought through what might happen and that’s how I wrote the book."

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