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This week’s Bookshelfie podcast guest is Emma Gannon, the multi-hyphenate Sunday Times bestselling author, broadcaster, speaker, novelist and host of the recently retired Ctrl Alt Delete podcast. Emma has published five bestselling books to date, including The Multi-Hyphen Method; Sabotage and Disconnected, and her newest book The Success Myth, which unpicks society’s often problematic definitions of success, is out next month.

Emma sat down with Bookshelfie host Vick Hope to share her top five most impactful reads, from Julia Cameron to Jacqueline Wilson. Read on for a flavour of the list and don’t forget to listen to the episode in full.

The Illustrated Mum

A powerfully portrayed story of family and mental health from the bestselling children’s author, this book is about sisters Dolphin…

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‘I love this book, even looking at the cover just brings me so much joy. It also covers really exciting and powerful and really dark themes […] We’re so lucky we have Jacqueline Wilson to talk about that. And I interviewed her recently for my podcast, and she had read my novel and it was just this like full circle moment.’

Floor Sample

In this moving memoir, the author of the international bestseller The Artist’s Way tells the tale of her own life….

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‘Floor Sample to me, I think is her best book. I just love it. It’s very honest about her relationship with Martin Scorsese, which he doesn’t talk about very openly. And it was a very painful relationship for her. The relationship ended, not on her terms. And it’s about grief. And it’s kind of about that unrequited love of when someone breaks up with you.’

The Opposite of Loneliness

An assemblage of the clear-eyed, sharp essays and stories of the 22 year-old Yale graduate who tragically died in a…

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‘I love her so much like she is literally one of my favourite writers. And we’re the same age, she was born in 1989. And very, very tragically, like this book is published posthumously. […] She’s so wise, like, you read this book, and it’s really hard to believe she’s 22. She’s got the voice and the soul, I think of someone way, way beyond her years. She’s an incredible writer. I always come back to this book.’

Wow, No Thank You.

The unflinching, hilarious and relatable essays in this collection draw on Irby’s life as a comedian, internet blogger and television…

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‘I love Samantha Irby. This actually was a lockdown read that I could get through because like I said, I was struggling to read. She is hilarious. Sam Irby is, I guess I would just describe her as like the most internet person on the planet […] She is like the person that’s making the meme about the meme. She is so inside that culture, that it’s incredible. And she is hysterical.’

The Way of Integrity

In The Way of Integrity, Beck presents a four-stage process that anyone can use to find integrity, and with it, a…

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‘I’m a massive, massive fan of Martha Beck she’s got three different degrees from Harvard. She’s a sociologist, she’s an extremely smart woman, and really, really inspiring […] She’s written this self help book that is very different in that she’s writing about how to get back to your true self and be in integrity in your life, and always feel like you’re whole, and undivided in the way you live.’

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